Saturday, 30 August 2014

Codecanyon HTML Builder (Front-End Version) v.1.3 | FreezeTheme

Free Download Codecanyon HTML Builder (Front-End Version) v.1.3

HTML Builder is a nifty little Javascript application which allows end-users to easily compose custom HTML designs using pre-defined HTML elements. The HTML Builder script comes with several sample HTML elements (the ones as displayed in the live demo), however the script really shines when used with your own custom HTML elements!

HTML Builder makes it extremely easy to configure the script with your own HTML template, allowing users to easily create custom pages! It’s very easy to integrate your own HTML elements (simply create the element files and configure the elements.json file, more details are included in the documentation).

Besides adding your own HTML elements, you can also easily configure which elements are allowed to be edited (CSS) by the user and which CSS attributes are editable. You can even go as far as specifying values from which the user can choose for certain CSS attributes (for example, COLOR can be either: red, black or yellow). HTML Builder allows for total flexibility and control!

  • Build custom HTML pages using predefined HTML elements

  • create your own custom HTML elements with ease

  • integrates seamlessly with CSS frameworks (like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc)

  • create multiple pages in one session

  • edit CSS, links and images (uploading possible)

  • export the created pages (incl CSS, Javascript and images)

  • basic editing of written content (only available for non IE browsers)

  • beautiful add-on for HTML template authors!


Codecanyon HTML Builder (Front-End Version) v.1.3 | FreezeTheme

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